Choosing an Automatic Translation Engine Option

Before translating your content with either service, it’s important to check which language pairs are available for each of them. 

DeepL offers the highest quality, most natural translations, and Google offers the largest variety of language pairs. Many clients already have a preferred engine, as some engines may outshine others in certain language pair combinations.

If you’re not sure which one is best for your particular language pairs, we recommend sending a couple of pages for translation using each engine and reviewing the translations to determine your preference.

How to Set Your Order Preference

WPML allows you to set a first choice for your automatic translation engine. In case it doesn’t not support one of your language pairs, WPML will automatically use your second option as a fallback. If that second one still doesn’t support your language pairs, it will go with the third.

To set your preferred order of automatic translation engines, go to WPML → Translation Management and click the Automatic Translation tab. Then, click Settings.